One part mystery. One part savagery. Three parts magic.

FEAST OF SHADOWS reimagines what a mystery novel can be. Through five progressively supernatural cases, five strangers narrate encounters with a reclusive eccentric, known only as an outlandish chef, who draws them into a hidden world of witch gangs, ghoulish assassins, and the capricious currency of Fate.

He is Etude Étranger, a shaman and sorcerer locked in a decades-long battle of wits with an unseen foe. Their prize: a most unusual book, penned before the fall of Babylon, on whose pages are prophesied the end of man.

But in the world of magic, nothing is ever as it appears. When it's discovered the shaman may be the very enemy he pretends to oppose, his sanctum is unceremoniously burned, leaving the last of the five with a desperate choice: Renounce everything they love or watch in vain as mysterious and insatiable adversary devours the earth

Part urban fantasy, part occult mystery, and epic in scope, FEAST OF SHADOWS reproduces the evolution of mystery across its five courses, from the Sherlockian whodunit to the hard-boiled PI, from the spy novel to the contemporary thriller.

The complete epic conundrum will be released in two volumes later this year.