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The Minus Faction Interactive

The Minus Faction Soundtrack

All but one song is available on YouTube. Click here for the playlist. It's arranged in order (but you can listen on random of course).

The sole missing track -- John's theme -- is included below, along with the theme song for each member of the team. The full track list is at the bottom for those who'd like to explore on their own.

Finally, you can follow my ongoing, ever-expanding playlist, All the Music You Missed, for more music you may not have heard, or just may not have heard in awhile.

John's Theme

Xana's Theme

Ian's Theme

Wink's Theme

SCENE                                                TRACK                  ARTIST

Episode One: BREAKOUT

Intro: It Fell From the Sky              Fluorescence of the Cepheids by Dynatron

It’s Good to Be Home                    I'll Be Over You by Toto

John’s Theme                                 Drive to Freedom by Steven Price (see above)

A Living Weapon                            Attak (feat. Danny Brown) by Rustie

Episode Two: CROSSFIRE

Mother & Son                                  It Pulls Me Under by Butterfly Boucher

Meet the McDooms                        The Outernationalist by Thievery Corporation

Xana’s Theme                                 Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini

Xana vs. The Disemboweler          Invincible by Pat Benatar

Episode Three: MELTDOWN

Ian’s Theme                                    Something About Lemons by Chumped

Wink’s Theme                                Gimme Chocolate!! by BABYMETAL

Don’t Trust Anyone                        Chimes by Hudson Mohawke

Deadbolt’s Theme                         Rare Decay by Ben Frost

Wink & Ian on the Road                 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by B.J. Thomas

Wait ‘til My Friends Get Here        Electric Man by Rival Sons

Wisper’s Theme                             Brotsjór by Ólafur Arnalds

Episode Four: BLACKOUT

The Dragon Stirs                            Union of the Snake by Duran Duran

That Was Easy!                               Nuclear Seasons by Charli XCX

Brickbat’s Theme                           Thieves by Ministry

What the Fuck Are We Doing?      River Euphrates by The Pixies

Oops . . .                                          Sick Beat by Kero Kero Bonito

Under Cover of Darkness              Ravaged Skies by mitch murder

Battle Without Light                       We Need Heroes by Twelve Titans Music

Aftermath: Don’t Leave                  Don’t Leave (feat. Ellie Goulding) by Seven Lions

Episode Five: AFTERSHOCK

Scarab’s Theme                              Last Embrace by Akuma

Meet the Vorgýrim                          Heart by Leonid Utyosov

Scrambling for Hope                      Feels by kiiara

The Plot Revealed                          Empty Churches by Giles Corey

Hunters/Hunted                              No Chill by Vic Mensa & Skrillex

Wink’s Gone                                    Drive by Britta Phillips

Search for the Prophet                   It Ain't All Flowers by Sturgill Simpson

Psyphire’s Theme                           Firestarter by Prodigy

It’s Over                                           The Carnival is Over by Dead Can Dance

Episode Six: SHOCKWAVE

The Red King’s Theme                    In the Face of Evil by Magic Sword

Alone and On the Run                    Wedding by POLIÇA

Simulcra and Simulation                 Hands Up If You’re Lost by We Show Up On Radar

Mom                                                 Be (Intro) by Common

The Right Nerve                              Funeral Dreams by Harakiri for the Sky

Implosion!                                        War Pigs by Black Sabbath

Two Princesses                               Don’t Save Me by HAIM

Episode Seven: OUTBREAK

Barricade’s Theme                          Adeniji by Budos Band

Time to Kick Some Ass                   Giant by Banks & Steelz

Release/Kraken vs. Crizth               Giant by Roly Porter

Triple-Double                                   Legendary by Welshly Arms

Zombie-Cyborg Attack!                  347 Midnight Demons by Carpenter Brut

Enter Asset Omega                         Summer Drones by InterArma

Last Sacrifice                                   Chernobyl by Blanck Mass

Aftermath                                         Petrichor (feat. Ren Ford) by Keaton Henson

Rise of the Minus Force                  Solid Gold by WILLS

End                                                   Friends by Francis & the Lights


Dr. Havek’s Theme                           Ænema by Tool

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