The art that inspired the story

Actually it wasn't all inspirational before the fact. Some of these I found later and saved because of their serendipitous similarity to an existing element of the series.

"Black Skull" by Eriko Pedojan

“Fortress Neo Tokyo V” by Markus Vogt

When the man comes by Nivanh Chanthara

from "Starcrooks - Son of the Void" by Lukas Kraina

Art by Su Jian

classic page from Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby

Art by Fer Aguilera Reyes

Art by Klaus Wittman

Color by Marte Gracia

Killing Machine cover by scabrouspencil on DeviantArt

Facade by Gryphart

art by Andrei Riabovitchev

character design by Burkion

"Cloaker" by Mark Chang

 art by James Harvey

art by James Harvey

art by Oliver Masson

"Tech Zombie" by Aaron Quinn

art by Ulises Farinas